Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Transportation Access

 Boat Tangkuban mountain located 30 km to the north of the city of Bandung. To get to the location of these attractions, visitors can use a personal vehicle (car) or public transport (bus). If visitors use private vehicles from the Subang and Lembang, to get to the site through the entrance first, then it can travel through the campsite next to Cikole. However, if visitors want to go through a second entrance, it can travel to the north of the campground, with a distance of about 3 km. The first and second entrance on the tourist attraction is located on the main road linking the region with the Subang Lembang. For visitors who use public kendaaran (bus) from the city of Bandung, traveling from London to the site takes about 50 minutes.

Acomodation Information

The area around the lips and Upas crater Ratu Crater there are many shops and stalls selling a wide assortment of food, beverages, and cuisine that is sticky fuel Lembang. In this area many street vendors who sell a wide assortment of children's games, dolls, hats, bags, handicrafts made ​​of stone, trinkets (bracelets, rings, weapons typical of the region, scarves), angklung instruments, stone and sulfur powder (alternative medicine skin disease), bonsai plants, strawberries and merchants who offer trading back and forth. For visitors who want to climb the mountain to ride a horse, ride a horse rentals are delivering visitors can climb the mountain.
- Other facilities, there mushala, spacious parking lot, and tourist information center. Not far from the tourist area, specifically in the area Lembang there are many first-class hotel accommodation and jasmine.

About The Mountain

Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of the mountain which lies diprovinsi West Java, Indonesia. About 20 km to the north of the city of Bandung, with a lush carpet of pine trees and tea plantations in the surrounding mountains as high as Tangkuban Parahu has 2084 meters altitude. These mountains form the center of the eruption is Stratovulcano that moves from east to west. Rock types are mostly issued by the eruption of lava and sulfur, minerals that are removed are sulfurbelerang, mineral released during volcanic inactivity is sulfur vapor. Tangkuban Boat Mountain area is managed by the Forestry Housing. Daily average temperature is 17oC during the day and 2 ° C at night.

Tangkuban Perahu's History

Mount Tangkuban boat has a unique history and legendary stories of the life journey of a daughter of the king of the Dayang Sumbi. However, due to his negligence, he eventually married a dog because of his oath as well. And they are blessed with a son named Sangkuriang. But in the mid-adolescent age, Sangkuriang accidentally killed his own father, and eat a meal. And finally Sangkuriang and his mother were separated.
After Sangkuriang growing up, she returned with her ​​mother met and fell in love with him, though he did not know that she is her own mother. Dayang Sangkuriang apply until Sumbi becoming his wife. But Dayang Sumbi denied and requested that the terms Sangkuriang must make a dam that can cover the entire mountain, and make a boat to traverse the dam. All that must be completed before dawn. When Dayang Sumbi see that Sangkuriang almost completed its work, he prayed to the gods to thwart his son's work and accelerate the arrival of the morning. Rooster crows, the sun rises earlier than usual and Sangkuriang realized that he had been deceived. With so angry he cursed Dayang Sumbi and kicked almost a homemade boat to the middle of the woods. The boat had been there in a state of reversed, and the shape of Mount Tangkuban Boat (boat is upside down).